The meaning behind the logo

I could not be more excited about the new mark for Potential, designed by Cameron Nelson / Design Co. Take a moment to soak in all of the great features of it:

  • The "P" in the negative space
  • The individual grasping for an object (either his potential or just doing a functional task)
  • The focus on the upper extremity
  • The head/mind at the center for cognition and vision
  • The traditional medical cross hidden in the negative space of the bottom left corner
  • The modern twist on the traditional color of blue for healthcare


Not only does this logo express what this blog is all about,  the process of creating it has informed my concept of the blog. Cameron encouraged me to think through, in more depth, basic questions about my audience, my purpose, and how I wanted the blog to be perceived. I kept coming back to: professional, trustworthy, thought-provoking. It has been very helpful to filter our posts through this kind of identity. 

All in all this logo and this process has made me want to be a better blogger! Thank you Cameron!

Sarah Lyon, OTR/L4 Comments