Heal by doing what you love.

Occupational therapy: Heal by doing what you love

The core of OT

This is how I sum up the core of our profession.

I shared in a previous post that I thought OT needed some new branding, but I know criticism is much easier than offering alternatives, so I spent some time this week thinking about what sets our profession apart and what language would speak to our market. 

Therapy comes from the Greek word therapeia meaning "healing." I think for most people the word heal has a holistic connotation- physical, emotional, physiological. It is not marked by better test scores, but rather that we get to participate in what we love. 

Yes, for some people that may be exercising, but for others it may be: cooking, working, gardening, dancing, bowling, comedy, praying, reading, socializing. For children it may simply be playing with friends. These are all equally valid tools in restoring health. 

A skilled occupational therapist will not only help you get back to these things, she will teach you how to harness their healing power. 

That is why I love my profession.