Occupational Therapy on About.com – August


OT on About.com

August marked my second month curating the About.com Occupational Therapy page.

This past month, I felt the most fired up about an article concerning whether clients should be texting their occupational therapist (or really any healthcare provider.) The possibilities of texting are really exciting-- it opens up the door for communication that far surpasses our current systems. At the same time, I hope that patients and practitioners will take the time to become educated on the challenges of exchanging health information via text. My feeling after doing some research is that texting- that isn't done over a secure text messaging system- is too wrought with the possibility for unintentionally leaking PHI. I personally will not be texting via traditional methods, either as a patient or a practitioner. 

Thanks to Dave at Vinital for letting me interview him about secure texting. 

I felt most inspired this past month by working on the two articles about inclusive design. Both articles were born from an interview with Ingrid Kanics, an OT who has consults on the inclusivity of museums, playgrounds, parks and other public spaces. Her insights and work have changed how I look at public spaces-- and who is implicitly included and who is left out by the design

The other articles drew more heavily on my personal experience working as an occupational therapist. 

As always, my favorite part of writing is conversations about the content. Please feel free to message with feedback on existing content as well as ideas for future articles!