50% off? Free Trial? Your MedBridge Questions Answered!

Does MedBridge offer a free trial? Can I get 50% off? Find all of the answers to your burning MedBridge questions here!

When you are choosing an online CEU provider there are lots of questions to answer, and sometimes information out there can become confusing.

I've been a proud affiliate of MedBridge for several years, and have seen the same questions pop up from potential subscribers, so I wanted to answer these questions to the best of my ability.

Below, I dive into questions about cost, subscription renewals, live webinars, and accreditation.

Is there a special MedBridge Cyber Monday sale?

You will typically see more activity from MedBridge around Cyber Monday since the end of November is such a great time to purchase CEUs.

But, the sale is the same you can all year round. With a promo code, you can pay:

$200 on the Education Membership (that’s 46.7% off) and $250 on the Premium Membership (that’s 41.1% off).

You can see a full breakdown by profession on my MedBridge Promo Code post.

Use my promo code to support the creation of my therapy resources:


Does 50% off MedBridge exist?

You may be getting ready to subscribe with a $175 off promo code and see old blog posts promoting 50% off MedBridge. This might make you wonder if there is a better discount out there that you are missing.

The short answer is no.

$175 off is the best discount available to individual subscribers.

You have always been able to subscribe to MedBridge for $200, if you are an OT, PT or AT, but in summer 2017 MedBridge launched new features, added a premium tier, and started offering a flat $175 discount. This slightly changed the percentage discount.

The discount now equates to about 46.7% off the Education and 41.1% off the Premium Membership.

So, if you use the promo code OTPOTENTIAL you will get the best individual price available on MedBridge.

Is there an option for a free trial of MedBridge?

Yes, you can watch the first chapter of the videos for free!

No, you cannot earn free CEUs from this.

The first chapter is typically around 10 to 15 minutes so I recommend that you check out a couple videos in the course section of your discipline to see if the service is going to be a good fit for you.

What price will my membership renew at?

Here's why it is so important to take the time to utilize a promo code:

If you use the OTPotential promo code on your initial purchase, your membership will renew at the initial price point you locked in. So, if you use the promo code to save $175, you won't only be saving $175 for this year, but potentially for years to come.

If my state requires "live" hours will the webinars fulfill this?

MedBridge’s mission is to be your all-in-one education solution, providing the highest quality and most convenient learning platform available. In addition to online CEUs, the company has pivoted to help fulfill the live hour requirements and now provides one to two live webinars a month.

You can see the live webinar calendar here.

The live webinars provide a platform for questions and interactions to help meet most state licensing requirements. Each state’s requirements vary, so I recommend looking at your individual state requirements or contacting MedBridge for specific questions.


Hopefully, your final burning questions about MedBridge are answered.

If you have even more questions about the actual platform my post Is MedBridge Right for You would be a good place to head.

If you are ready to subscribe, here is the promo code you can use: OTPOTENTIAL.