The Best OT Websites of 2017!

The Best OT Websites of 2017!

 This contest is designed to find the best occupational therapy website! Enter by November 1st to win $500!

A great occupational therapy website is a tremendous asset to your practice.

But, making and maintaining a website can be intimidating.

That’s why the Best OT Website Contest exists. My goal is to collect examples of excellent OT websites from around the globe to inspire your own OT website building process.

The 2017 Best Website Contest

During 2017, OT practices submitted their website to The Best OT Website Contest.

I chose the top 5 based on the following criteria. From there, WebPT agreed to serve as the final judge. 

 Do you have a website for your OT practice? Please consider entering the 2017 Best Website Contest!! Winner will receive $500 and hopefully inspire fellow occupational therapists around the globe! 

Best Occupational Therapy Website Criteria

In my research about therapy practice websites, I dug into the data and found that people who are Googling to find therapy services consistently want to know 3 main things:

  • Where are you located?
  • What type of therapy do you provide?
  • What problems do you solve?

For example, they might type into Google “occupational therapy near me” or “pediatric occupational therapy” or “therapy for fine motor skills.”

Based on this research, I chose the top websites who most clearly answered these questions. 

(You guys. This criteria sounds so simple. But, I've found that therapy practice owners know so many details about their businesses that they have difficulty simplifying the information. We want to over-complicate it. Or sound impressive. Or just focus on asthetics. But, in reality, people searching for your practice just want some super-basic questions answered.) 

 Tools to Grow was chosen as the best occupational therapy practice website of 2017!

The Best OT Website of 2017: Tools to Grow

WebPT chose Tools to Grow as the top occupational therapy practice website of 2017!

Many of us have benefited from their membership site for pediatric occupational therapists, so it was no surprise to find their client-facing website to be a stand out!

You can view the site here:

Best Practices That Made Tools to Grow Standout

Clear Location

Location is one of the first things patients look for. Clients want to know if  it realistic for them to drive to you on a regular basis.

Google also really wants to know where you are located, so it can connect you with the right searchers.

Honestly, it is good to repeat your location throughout your site. Ideally, you should have it in your copy above the fold.

Tools to Grow showcases a best practice of putting your Name Address and Phone (Your NAP) in your footer. The benefit of having it in your footer is that it repeats on all of your pages. 

 Example of having a clear name, address, and phone in your footer. 

Clear Practice Area

Most people know that there are different types of therapy practices, so they often try to filter their results by searching for “Pediatric OT” or “OT for Kids” or “Hand Therapy.”

I know this is simple, but don’t forget to clearly identify your practice area. You want your ideal customers to arrive to your site and be able to tell within seconds that you provide the services they need.

 Tools to grow occupational, physical, and speech therapy. 

Clear Presentation of Problems They Solve 

It is so important to communicate the value of your services without using jargon. I think many of us are great at doing this in person, but when it comes to writing copy for our websites we tend to sound academic.

Tools to Grow does a good job of giving a brief description of their different therapy offerings in language that is clear and easy to understand. 

 Occupational, physical, and speech therapy 

Tools to Grow Answers Questions About Their Website Creation Process!

What time and effort went into building your website?

We spent approximately four months developing our therapy practice website.  We had many formal meetings and informal discussions with our website developers on the layout, color scheme, and overall design.  This included at least 4 sit down meetings to plan, review, and explain the functionality requirements.  Numerous follow up emails were also needed to respond to “glitches” that would inevitably present. The layout on desk tops, versus tablets, versus phones always presented a challenge. 

Once the website was built, we then had to select images and input text into each page. This part was at times very fun, other times quite tedious. 

What ongoing maintenance does the site require?

The "Employee Resource Area" includes many sections that require updating and monitoring.  Current employees can log in to our secure area to access Training Resources and General Forms to complete their work. Staff also access their confidential client records in our  Secure File section. Itinerant therapists log in to update their availability in that section. The staff are also notified about their need to update their health physicals, professional license, etc. through this section of our website.  Given that all of the aforementioned, we need to add all relevant information on an ongoing basis.  

Other maintenance includes uploading FREE resources for parents/caregivers. Our goal is to provide free useful information to help parents and others support a child's growth in many develomental areas.        

How has having a great site impacted your therapy practice?

Our website has greatly impacted our therapy practice.  We utilize our "Employee Resource Area" every day with employees.  Employees log in and update their availability, find and general documentation, 

Our website has also impacted our available employment opportunities. We are able to post job opportunities and potential employees can submit resume and cover letter.

Also parents/caregivers can email us regarding requests for therapy services for their child. 

Highlights from the Runners Up

A huge thank you to all of the occupational therapy practices that submitted their websites to the 2017 contest. It was incredibly inspiring to see all of the good and diverse work being done by OTs around the world.

There were many highlights from the other websites that were submitted, but I wanted to focus on two because I think they are particularly helpful to people looking to design or update their website.  

Hands on Therapy Services: Clear call to actions

This was our runner up website. One of the strongest features is the clear “call to actions.”

It is important to tell the browser what steps they need to take to connect with you.

Having your phone number at the top of your website and at the bottom is a great strategy. Hoang also has other paths for people who may want a little more information before committing to a phone call.

See the Hands on Therapy website here:

 Hands on Therapy

Santosha Wellness: Keeping it simple

Santhosha Wellness made my top five because within seconds I knew where they are located, what services they provide and how to get in touch with them.

See the Santosha Wellness website here:

 Santosha Wellness

Submit your OT Website for the 2018 Best Website Contest! 

Even if you submitted your website during 2017, feel free to resubmit! 

Name *
Your practice does not have to exclusively offer OT, it just must be among offered services.

Rules and Procedures for 2018

  • Website must be submitted by Nov. 1, 2018.
  • The therapy practice DOES NOT have to be solely an OT practice (for example your practice may also offer PT and SLP), but OT must be among offered services.
  • This contest is for therapy practices only. (No OT resource sites.)
  • International submissions are welcome! However, the website must be able to be translated into English. 
  • Winner will be contacted by Nov. 10th, 2018.
  • In order to claim your title and prize, you must be willing to answer some basic questions about your website (how you built it, who wrote your copy, etc.) by Nov. 20th.
  • Websites will be filtered into the top five by Sarah Lyon at OT Potential and then the top website will be chosen by a 3rd party. (Thank you WebPT for doing this in 2017!)
  • The winner will be made public on Dec. 1st.

What the Winner Will Recieve

  • GLORY: Be featured on the OT Potential website (and hopefully receive an uptick in clicks to your website!)
  • MONEY: $500 from OT Potential!
  • The SATISFACTION of helping fellow therapists who are looking for inspiration in keeping their website current and effective!
  • The JOY of knowing that you will make the patient experience better for clients across the country as your site raises the bar for countless websites! 


I love talking websites! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments! 

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