The Best OT Website Contest!

The Best OT Website Contest!

This contest is designed to find the best occupational therapy website! Enter by November 1st to win $500!

Do you have an occupational therapy website that works well for your practice? 

If so, please consider entering the First Annual Best OT Website Contest

You could receive $500, glory, and the joy of inspiring fellow therapists to design a site that works for them. 

Why Find the Best OT Website?

This past September, I had the opportunity to speak at the Ascend Therapy Business Conference. My topic was about clarifying your value, particularly on your website. 

In talking with people afterwards, one thing was clear; everyone wanted to update their website.

People just didn't know where to start. They didn't have a vision for how their website could look and function. 

I am fully convinced that clearly expressing your value (and doing this where potential clients are looking to learn about your practice – on your website) is one of the most vital tasks a therapy practice can undertake. 

If OT practices across the globe are doing this well, it elevates our whole profession. 

This contest was designed to inspire occupational therapists in their website creation.  By the end of the contest, I hope to be able to show you examples of websites that are working well for fellow therapists. 

Do you have a website for your OT practice? Please consider entering the 2017 Best Website Contest!! Winner will receive $500 and hopefully inspire fellow occupational therapists around the globe! 

Don't Let Perfection Hold You Back! 

No one's website is perfect! We're therapists, not Google or Apple. 

The nice part about having local businesses, is that our websites only need to be the best in our local area. 

I've seen therapy websites that are built on ancient templates, but still work well becasuse the information is presented clearly. 

I know it is difficult to put yourself out there, but please don't let perfection hold you back. 

Rules and Procedures

  • Website must be submitted by Nov. 1, 2017.
  • The therapy practice DOES NOT have to be solely an OT practice (for example your practice may also offer PT and SLP), but OT must be among offered services.
  • This contest is for therapy practices only. (No OT resource sites.)
  • International submissions are welcome! However, the website must be able to be translated into English. 
  • Winner will be contacted by Nov. 10th.
  • In order to claim your title and prize, you must be willing to answer some basic questions about your website (how you built it, who wrote your copy, etc.) by Nov. 20th.
  • Websites will be filtered into the top five by Sarah Lyon at OT Potential. The WebPT Demand Generation team will then rank these 5 and proclaim a winner. (I contacted WebPT to help in case I happened to know the top submissions. The OT world is small and I didn't want this to influence the outcome.)
  • The winner will be made public on Dec. 1st.

What the Winner Will Recieve

  • GLORY: Be featured on the OT Potential website (and hopefully receive an uptick in clicks to your website!)
  • MONEY: $500 from OT Potential!
  • The SATISFACTION of helping fellow therapists who are looking for inspiration in keeping their website current and effective!
  • The JOY of knowing that you will make the patient experience better for clients across the country as your site raises the bar for countless websites! 

Submit Your OT Website Now! 

Name *
Your practice does not have to exclusively offer OT, it just must be among offered services.


Please ask me in the comments and I will do my best to respond promptly! 

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