The Top Occupational Therapy Courses of 2017

The Top Occupational Therapy Courses of 2017

 Are you curious which OT courses were the most popular in 2017? Check these lists from the top CEU providers! 

Are you looking for some continuing education occupational therapy courses to take in before the ball drops?

Or perhaps you are starting to set goals for your OT education in 2018?

Either way, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at the top OT courses from 2017 from some popular providers.

When deciding on a continuing education provider, one of my top pieces of advice is to always make sure the provider you choose has courses that will directly impact your practice.

Each provider has its own strengths so I thought this side-by-side comparison would be helpful. 

I'm also including some special bonuses throughout the post :-) 

OT courses to inspire your practice: 

 To occupational courses from’s Most-Accessed OT Courses of 2017

If you are new to, I have reviewed their continuing education site in the past. This is a great option for OTs who are looking for quality and affordable online CEU courses.



Mental Health

Professional Issues


  • Reducing Disability in Frail Older Adults | Pamela Toto | This is the most popular webinar based on registrations thus far and it hasn't even taken place yet! You can still catch the live version on Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 3:00 pm EST.

 Top occupational therapy courses from MedBridge.

MedBridge's Most-Viewed OT Courses of 2017

I am an affiliate of You can find my full MedBridge review here. The service is a premium membership with many benefits beyond access to great CEUs.



If you are interested in trying MedBridge, you can use my link or the promo code OTPotential to save $175 off the list price and lock in your annual renewal at $200.

 Most reviewed courses from Summit

Most Reviewed Courses from Summit

I went back and forth with Summit, but never received an official list of top courses. But, I was able to look at their website to see the most reviewed online courses they offer. 

There are far less online courses to choose from than the other 2 options, but that is because Summit does a combination of live courses and online courses. 

  1. Practical and Complementary Interventions for Autism, Asperger's, Sensory & ADHD in Children & Adolescents | John F. Taylor
  2. Preschoolers & Autism | Cindy Lee
  3. Early Childhood Interventions & Autism Spectrum Disorder | Shanon Gibson
  4. Effective Early Intervention | Teresa Westerbur
  5. Documentation Bootcamp for Skilled Therapy Services | John Adamson
  6. Kinesiology Taping, Manual Therapy & NeuroMuscular Re-Activation | Michael Blubaugh
  7. Geriatric Rehab | John B. Perry
  8. Autism Across the Spectrum | Joani M. Richardson
  9. Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Strategies for Joint Replacement | Richard Hubler
  10. Therapeutic Exercise for Older Adults | Michael Stare 

May your upcoming learning be inspired and most importantly may it contribute to great client care! 

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