The Top Occupational Therapy CEU Courses (2018)

Are you curious which online OT CEU courses were the most popular in 2018? Check these lists from the top CEU providers!

As a bona fide continuing education nerd, I LOVE researching con-ed courses.

I become giddy reading course descriptions, and dream about all of the new skills I can learn in just a few short hours.

But I realize not everyone shares my passion for reading course descriptions :)

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 2018’s top occupational therapy courses. It’s a list of the most popular (meaning most accessed or viewed) and highest-rated courses from the top three online con-ed providers serving OTs:




Each provider has its own strengths, so I thought this side-by-side comparison would be helpful.

For the first time ever, I am also including continuing education courses created independently by OTs at the bottom of the post!

Please note: Choosing an online continuing education provider isn’t always easy, and my best advice is to always make sure the provider you choose has courses that will directly impact your practice.

Thank you to and MedBridge Education for providing their top courses!!

OT courses to inspire your practice: 

To occupational courses from’s most accessed OT Courses of 2018

If you are new to, I have reviewed their continuing education site in the past. They offer four different course formats (live, video, audio, and text courses) and add in live webinars every week.

This website is a great option for OTs who are looking for quality CEU courses at a great value.

General practice




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Find the top OT courses from MedBridge!

MedBridge's most viewed OT courses of 2018

I am a long time user and affiliate of

You can find my full MedBridge review here. The service is a premium membership with many benefits beyond access to great CEUs.




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Most reviewed courses from Summit

Most reviewed courses from Summit

I did some digging on the Summit website, and was able to find the most reviewed online courses they offer.

There are far fewer online courses to choose from than the other two options, but that is because Summit does a combination of live courses and online courses.

  1. Practical and Complementary Interventions for Autism, Asperger's, Sensory & ADHD in Children & Adolescents | John F. Taylor

  2. Preschoolers & Autism | Cindy Lee

  3. Early Childhood Interventions & Autism Spectrum Disorder | Shanon Gibson

  4. Kinesiology Taping, Manual Therapy & NeuroMuscular Re-Activation | Michael Blubaugh

  5. Geriatric Rehab | John B. Perry

  6. Autism Across the Spectrum | Joani M. Richardson

  7. Shoulder Disorders | Donald Earley

  8. The Fundamentals of Therapeutic and Kinesiology Taping | William Oswald

  9. Developing Effective Sensory Diets | Gwen Wild

  10. Fall Prevention Strategies | Brian Trzaskos

Independent online courses (from your fellow therapists!)

The above list represents a sampling of the most popular occupational therapy continuing education courses, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are tons of other online con-ed courses to help you improve your practice and grow your career.

Here are some of the top independent ones:

Important CEU considerations

Each state has different requirements for what counts towards continuing education for licensure.

(Why, oh why does it have to be so complicated?!)

Remember that independent courses may or may not be approved for OT CEUs in your state, so it’s essential to check independent courses with your state OT board if you’re counting on gaining CEUs from these courses.

Until that wonderful point in time when licensure requirements are standardized, you will have to go to your individual state’s licensing agency’s website to check your requirements to make sure these courses qualify.


Online education has transformed how we think of continuing education.

After all, only in the past ten years or so have we had the luxury of learning from the comfort of our own homes! The convenience, affordability, and accessibility of online OT education is something to truly cherish.

Do you have any favorite online OT CEU courses that I didn’t list? If so, please let me know in the comments!